• Tejas Caddo

Pischk Chapter

Order of the Arrow – Pischk Chapter

Tejas Caddo Order of the Arrow chapter is called Pischk (District number 24) and meets at 7pm on the second Thursday each month at Central Lutheran Church at 1000 Easton Road Dallas, TX  75228.

The Pischk chapter earned GOLD status in the Journey to Excellence for 2018. We'll need your help to repeat in 2019!

Chapter Leadership for 2017:
  • Carson C – Vice Chief Inductions  (Advisor – Tony Clark)
  • Jacob M – Vice Chief Native American  (Advisor – Sam Bubeck)
  • J-Dub O – Chapter Chief  (Advisor – Gordon Robinson)
  • Pierce W – Vice Chief Administration  (Advisor – Shane Potter)
  • Matthew W – Vice Chief Camp Promotions  (Advisor – Stan Cowan)
  • Jack H – Vice Chief Service  (Advisor - Bill Huhner)
  • ​Landon C – Vice Chief Communications & Technology  (Advisor – Vern Hakes)
Chapter Advisor: Gordon Robinson

Mikanakawa Lodge: http://mikanakawa.org/

National Order of the Arrow: http://oa-bsa.org/

Our district number is 24 - sometimes needed for registrations.